Dr. Paul Nogier (1950 Lyon)

Dr P Nogier held a congress in Marseille more than 30 years ago and for the first time talked about his personal experiences with ear acupuncture. Since that time it has become more and more important. Similarly applied methods of healing such as stimulation of the ear with hot objects have be known for more than 2000 years and were widly practised in Europe up to the 19th century.


Ear acupuncture is a highly successful treatment method used for small animals of many different types. It used for diagnostic purposes as well as for the treatment of illnesses. It can be used with dogs and cats as well as rabbits and guineau pigs. As far as large animals are concerned it is mainly used for the treatment of horses- and with high success rate.

auriculotherapy with dogs
earacupuncture tratment - dog



Located on the surface of the ear is a switchboard  of multiple nerves, which in turn is connected closely with the inner organs. Here the vegetative nerve system plays a unique role so that expressions of feeling of animals are being shown by different positions of the ears, as we can specifically see with dogs and horses.

•If there is a malfunctioning or illness of organs small changes appear on the surface of the ear which together with other structures form the ear  acupuncture points.


The points on the ear


If all points on the ear were marked and connected a picture would evolve with the shape of an animal’s body. The meaning of the points correspond roughly with the appropriate part of the body as if one would imagine an embryo lying inside the ear

Approximately 110 points are known.

earacuouncture points  to shape a body of an animal
earacuouncture points

Those points can be utilised for the treatment and precisely located with a pointascope consisting of a probe electrode. Once found they are marked with a pen.

The stimulation of the point - i.e. the ear acupuncture – then follows using acupuncture needles.

There are however other methods of stimulating the points, for example laser, special sticks or cauterisation.


In animal medicine acupuncture needles are not so useful because they could drop into the animal’s ears, which would result in complications.

The simplest and relatively painless form is the electro-cauterisation (appliance with a needle or metal loop which is heated electrically – used commonly in animal medicine for stopping blood flow during operations or for destroying sick tissues ).

In this case the point to be acupunctured is briefly touched with the cauter and thereby stimulated. If the point is correct, the effect last up to 6 weeks.



pointascope to find out the acupuncturepoints
 cauter to use  to stimulate  the points of the ear

The ear acupuncture works through short reflexes to the brain centres, i.e. it is especially used when illness causes pain. The effect is to generally reduce the pain and inflammation, act antiallergicaly and is soothing.

Not only organic problems but also specifically disturbed behavior as well as fright and agression can be treated.

The duration of the treatment in these case is variable.

Ear acupuncture is not advisable in cases in illnesses due to infection, illnesses of the ear muscle or ear itself, hereditary diseases, fractures etc. or generally where normal animal medicine would certainly more successful.


With acupuncture you can cure tissues that are disturbed BUT NOT DAMAGED TISSUES