Ehrlichiose – Ehrlichia canis



This is an illness transferred by ticks and also widely spread in the Mediterranean area.

The tick transfers the bacteria-like cells into the bloodstream where these attack the red corpuscles and the thrombocytes ;

this can suffer from tiredness, fever, unwell feeling and sometimes lose weight.

In sever cases the bleeding can result in damage to the spinal marrow and joints .

These bleeding can occur in any organ causing relates damage.


The Erlichiosis itself is usually curable.


What should be done?

  •  Use insect protection products against the ticks.
  •  If Erlichiosis is suspected have blood test done.

What can i do if my dog already has Erlichiosis.?


The treatment consists of an specif antibiotic  given for nearly 6 weeks 

 Because of the long period of antibiotic the vet control i very important  - Side effect can be stomach/intestinal inflammation

 Other drugs are maybe a necessary 


 So in your special case I can provide you with an professional advice by e mail 


If the dog suffers from chronic illness (e.g. wounds which don’t heal), which in normal cases existing medicaments can usually handle, then a blood test should certainly be done in order to exclude Erlichiosis or Leishmaniosis.