The founder of the  chiropractic (greek-. chiro = hands ) was Daniel David Palmer (1895)


The chiropractic is  a smooth technique  that is principally focussed on the spine and the nervous system , following its own medical philosophy


Dr. Nina Buschmann  during a chiropractic treatment with a horse
Dr. Nina Buschmann during a chiropractic treatment




 The spinal column


vertebral bodies  of a horse
spine of a horse

The spinal column is a body structure of single vertebral bodies interacting between them , creating joints and giving place for spinal canal which contains the spinal cord.


The spine has two functions :


The spine protects the medulla and allows the nervous system to flow through the body to receive and send the nervous impulses.


The spine proportionally balances the skeleton to give it support but at the same time it gives flexibility to the movement of the body.



Technical terms of chiropractic


The term "subluxation" in chiropractic is used when the vertebral body deviates slightly from its neutral and natural place so that the flow of information is interrupted due to the pressure of the nerves coming from the spinal cord. Thus influencing the balance and movement or the functioning of organs that can develop different diseases.


The term "adjustment" is used when the chiropractor diagnosis through palpation the position of each vertebral body adjusting it with a small, fast and specific movement.



handposition  of a chiropractic treatment in horses
handposition during a chiropractic treatment


The chiropractic treatment is characterized by gentle but swift manipulations.

On many occasions the observer can't even see the manipulation because of how quickly it is done .

After the treatment, the animal feels relief and freedom which gives him the desire to run around and shake himself

 For example after a chiropractic session on horses they start to chew because they feel less blocked.

 Dogs for example start to move their tongue, licking their lips.

Often the animals behaviour express gratitude .



Chiropractic philosophy seeks not only cure but also prevention.

Our lifestyle, which is not exactly natural (horses in the stable -us at the computer -dogs on the lead)can cause small subluxations whose symptoms may even appear years later.

So a regular visit to the chiropractor is always positive and healing



The animal chiropractor needs time to make an good diagnosis and treatment because he needs to gain the confidence of the animal who has to be totally relaxed when he receives the treatment..


In most occasions you can see a change or an improvement after only two or three session.

It is preferable to make a chiropractic treatment in their own home especially when the dogs are big or anxious animals.


The way of working with horses:

  • The horse has to stay on a  flat surface and wear a comfortable headcollar 
  •   In the beginning the horse makes a lot of unexpected movements  trying to avoid the treatment until he takes confidence  .The horse has  to be freestanding  and the owner has to hold the reins loosely  
  • Don't tranquilise the horse with food 
  • To adjust the hips or the back part of the spine the therapist has to stand on the box
 chiropractic box used especially  with horses
chiropactic box

The way of working with dogs

  • The box of chiropractic  is as big as a table (to considerate when the animal is treated at home 
  • It is necessary that the therapist can move freely  around the e animal 


It is very important to know the anatomy, the angulation of each vertebra and the physiology of the nervous system .

It is also very important to know what type of studies are learnt by the chiropractor. In Europe the animal chiropractor has to be a veterinary or a human chiropractor

 The" doctor of chiropractic " needs many years of studies .

There are associations where chiropractors are registered to recognise their qualification.




International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic